66th Annual Season
2021 - 2022

The success of the St. Louis Chamber Chorus may be attributed to a range of factors. True, it has always enjoyed outstanding artistic leadership and some of the best vocal talents the city can offer, but there is also a methodical infrastructure, developed over many years, that features an active board and many volunteers, all of whom support a dedicated and supremely competent executive director. With all its members pulling in the same direction, it is small wonder that the Chamber Chorus has been described by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as “one of the jewels in our city’s artistic crown.”


Organizational Personnel

Philip Barnes, Artistic Director

Katie Sandquist, Executive Director

Laura Frank, Advancement Director

Orin Johnson, Assistant Conductor

Andy Jensen, Assistant Conductor

Diana Umali, Rehearsal Accompanist

Kate Glass, Co-Librarian

Rebecca Hatlelid, Co-Librarian

Dick Brickson, President of the Board of Directors



Mårten Jansson



Chamber Chorus Singers

This information is correct as of August 2021.

Soprano One

Emily Banks

Erin Caughlan
Paige Esser
Heather Fehl
Kate Glass

Laura Hollingsworth

Caroline Ibnabdeljalil

Jennifer Rea


Soprano Two

Mary Ongjoco Chapman

Lori Davis

Christine Guthrie
Celeste Hobbs
Kate Leslie

Shannon MaFarland

Sarah Milunski
Kris Suntrup

Alto One

Brook Bisaillon

Nancy Bristol

Alison Fox

Karin Hagaman

Rebecca Hatlelid

Bridget Voda

K. Eliza Williamson


Alto Two

Angela Castelli

Angela Hall

Elise Ibendahl

Brynna LePique
Jill Ritter Lindberg

Amanda Meinen

Stephanie Ruggles

Tenor One

David Carpenter
Derek Dahlke
Andrew Jensen

Nicholas Rhodes


Tenor Two

Chris Kilfoyle

William Larson

David Miller

Nathan Ruggles

Solomon Wilken


Bass One

Chip Belpedio

Christopher Boemler

Dale Burkhart

Nick Calza

Charles Grames

James Burton Harkey


Bass Two

Matthew Chapman

Richard Deitte

Joseph D. Drexelius

John Hubert
Orin Johnson

Robert Levinson

Parker Lindsey

Alternate Members and Understudies

The names of alternates and those substituting for full members, together with any understudies, are listed in the program insert provided at each concert.

Other Personnel

Virginia Harold, Professional Photographer

Esley Hamilton, Historian

Ali Ruzicka, Graphic Designer

Amanda Verbeck, Web Designer & Administrator

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