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For over fifty years the Chamber Chorus has been fortunate to attract the talents not only of performers, but also of arrangers and composers. This disc brings together some of the more notable of these to constitute a programme of both sacred and secular pieces, taking the group from the music of its founder Ronald Arnatt to the present day. With the exception of Te Lucis Ante Terminum, all tracks on this compact disc are world première recordings. The disc is accompanied by a booklet containing both texts and translations, together with informative articles on the composers and on the Chorus's conductor, Philip Barnes.

Release date: November 11, 2001

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For sound samples of selected tracks, click on the play button in front of the title to hear the first 45 seconds of the piece.



Sacred Music


1. God Be In My Head — Carolee Coombs-Stacy


Five Hymns from The Sacred Harp — Martha Shaffer


      2. Sweet Canaan


      3. King of Peace


      4. The Traveler


      5. I Would See Jesus


      6. Foundation


Two Movements from Requiem for St. Louis — Sasha Johnson Manning


      7. Requiem Aeternam


      8. Dies Irae


Missa St. Louis — Charles Collins


      9. Kyrie


      10. Gloria


      11. Credo


      12. Sanctus & Benedictus


      13. Agnus Dei


14. Te Lucis Ante Terminum — S. William Aitken

Secular Music


15. Music and Ceremonies — Ronald Arnatt


16. The Ship Starting — Audrey Kooper Hammann


17. The Water of Tyne — arr. Stuart McIntosh


Asian Sketches — Robert Charles Howard


      18. Night in the Villa by the River


      19. My Thoughts are with a Boat


      20. A Still Pool


      21. My Love is like the Grasses


22. A Contemplation upon Flowers — Richard Rodney Bennett


23. On A Bus To St. Cloud — Gretchen Peters, arr. Stuart McIntosh

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