Join us today to promote the art of choral singing in St. Louis. Together we can fill the silence caused by the pandemic with the harmony of the human voice. Please donate today.

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As an independent organization, we rely primarily on income from grants, ticket sales, and private donations. Due largely to the pandemic, grants from some of the major institutions that support the arts in St. Louis dropped off substantially last year, and we believe grant levels will continue to be reduced next year as well. We sincerely appreciate you, our dedicated supporters, who love the arts, who love the St. Louis Chamber Chorus, and who have stepped up to help fill the holes left by those institutions. Please consider joining those supporters. Your generosity will give you the joy of helping secure this unique artistic treasure for future generations of listeners and performers.


Many companies will match their employees’ contribution, and your membership level can be increased by such a match. For example, if your company matches your donation, your contribution of $250 plus your employer’s match will count as $500, giving you a Patron membership. If your company does have a Matching Gift program, please email or mail us your company's matching gift form after making your donation.


To become a donor you may do so by donating online above, calling our message service at (636) 458-4343, or sending a check to Saint Louis Chamber Chorus, P.O. Box 11558, Clayton, Missouri 63105.

All gifts will receive special acknowledgement. The Saint Louis Chamber Chorus is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are eligible for tax deductions to the limit allowable by law. Tax laws may require you to reduce the deductible amount of your contribution to the extent of benefits accepted.