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Although concert programs are devised and directed by the Artistic Director, and the daily management of the Chorus is undertaken by the Executive Director, the Chamber Chorus is fundamentally in the care of Board of Directors, whose function is to safeguard and facilitate the mission of this not-for-profit organization. The directors meet monthly to receive the reports of the Artistic Director and Executive Director, evaluate the past, debate the present and plan for the future.



The composition of the Board is governed by the bylaws of the organization. The Artistic Director and Executive Director are ex officio, but non-voting, members. Two members of the Chorus serve on the Board at any given time. They are joined by up to fourteen others, making a total of up to eighteen members (but usually fewer) on the Board. Those who volunteer their energies to the government of the organization are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, but are united in their commitment to the mission of the Chorus. Some have choral experience, others have not, but all have attended concerts and appreciate the unique quality of Chamber Chorus presentations.


Dick Brickson, President

Gill Waltman, Vice President

Suzanne Lagomarcino, Secretary

Barbara Uhlemann, Treasurer

Christopher Boemler, Singer Representative

Sarah Milunski, Singer Representative


Other Voting Members

Heidi Dean

Marni Dillard

Ron Gines

Daniel Hanson

Suzanne Manelli

Brian Reeves

Katie Sandquist


Ex Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Philip Barnes

Nancy Burstein


Terms of Office

Members of the Board are elected for a three-year term which is renewable. Should a member be unable to complete the appropriate term, a new member may be elected to finish that term; after finishing it the member is eligible to be re-elected for a full three-year term. Nominations for the Board are welcome at any time; they should be directed to the SLCC President, P.O. Box 11558, Clayton, MO 63105.



The Officers of the Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers are elected from within the Board for two-year terms.


The President is responsible for the management of the monthly Board meetings and their agendas, and represents the Chorus in writing and in person as the ultimate authority in the organization. The Vice President oversees the work of specific committees, which are themselves chaired by Board members and staffed by volunteers and singers. The Secretary's main responsibility is to take minutes of each meeting and circulate them to the Board members. The Treasurer maintains the accounts of the organization, presenting at each Board meeting a financial statement, drawing attention to special gifts or deficits as appropriate. The Treasurer also draws up a proposed budget with the help of the Finance Committee, which is presented to the full Board at the May meeting. The Treasurer is also the main signatory for the Chorus's checking and savings accounts.


Board Meetings

The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month, commencing at 7:00 p.m., to receive and discuss the reports of the Artistic Director, Advancement Director and Executive Director. Minutes are taken at each meeting and subsequently distributed to all members. Every Board member is asked to attend the monthly meetings and encouraged to participate on one or more of the subcommittees which currently include: Finance, Marketing, Special Events, Fund-Raising, Administrative and Board Development. Regrets for missing meetings are customarily sent to the Board President. Under the by-laws of the Board, any member not attending three consecutive meetings may be asked to resign from the Board.


Meeting Activities

The following seasonal items are regularly on the agenda:

  • September - Analysis of current subscription sales and donations. 

  • October - Post-mortem discussion of first concert. 

  • November - Post-mortem on subscriptions; special events planning. 

  • December - Preparation of Annual Christmas concert. 

  • January - Post-mortem of Christmas concert. 

  • February - Examination of the Artistic Director's proposed concert season. 

  • March - Approval of the proposed concert season. 

  • April - Discussion of final subscription concert; Spring Soiree planning. 

  • May - Post-mortem discussion of season; debate of annual budget; proposal of officers. 

  • June - Approval of Annual Budget; election of officers; post-mortem of Spring Soiree. 

  • July-August - Compilation of season brochure and preparation for mailing; establishment of strategy for targetting mailing; discussion of application of mailing list.


Other items on the agenda of every meeting include:

  • Activity reports from subcommittees.

  • Discussion of general suggestions for the promotion of the Chorus.


Special ad hoc duties of the Board include:

  • The proposal and election of Board members to fill vacancies.

  • The appointment of Artistic Director, Director of Advancement or Executive Director, through a search committee.

  • Reports and discussions on special events, or on unusual inquiries or invitations. 


Other Board Member Duties

Beyond the monthly meetings, what is asked of a Board member? The Chorus needs and enjoys very much a "working" board, and so all members are expected to be ambassadors for the organization in the wider community, and within to assist in activities as diverse as committee membership to fundraising events. Each Board member is required to support the Chorus financially, through subscription and donation (at the Associate level or above), and is asked to invite two guests to concerts who might not otherwise attend. Complimentary tickets are available for this purpose, and names of guests are to be registered with the Executive Director. Board members are always welcome to audit any regular Monday rehearsal (starting time 7:00 p.m.). 

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