Challenging times call for creative thinking. With that in mind, we bring you our 65th season, comprised of six discussions with Artistic Director Philip Barnes and other special guests from around the globe that will feature archival recordings of the choir and be complemented with a display of original images. The series will highlight our unique role in the cultural life of St. Louis and the wider artistic community, will introduce you to recordings (many previously unavailable to the public), will offer you a deeper understanding of the Chamber Chorus, and will explain how our music is brought to life in performance. So, while safety may not allow us to sing during the pandemic, we will continue in our mission not only to entertain, but to educate and inspire you.

We will hold each presentation on a Sunday from 3 pm to about 4:30 pm, in the large venue of Third Baptist Church in Grand Center. Seating will be available at the church for a studio audience, which will be seated while maintaining social distance. If you subscribe for the season, you will also have exclusive access to watch the presentation live, online in the comfort of your home or as a podcast immediately after the event. Thereafter, we will make the podcast generally available.

Your subscription offers a rare opportunity to see and hear ‘behind-the-scenes’. It also offers you the chance to show that you believe in what we believe in—that it is important for artists to continue to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences. Your support will help us weather these extraordinary times, re-emerge from our ‘pandemic chrysalis’ and soar once again ‘on the wings of song’. 

"Will You Still Love Me When I'm
Sixty-Four...and One More?"

Look and listen back over six decades with Philip Barnes (still a little younger than the choir!) and board president Dick Brickson.



Why We Advocate
for Women Composers

“Meet” the women writing for the Chorus, including special guests Melissa Dunphy, Sasha Johnson Manning, and Dobrinka Tabakova, in conversation with Philip Barnes and our advancement director Laura Frank.



Christmas 'Commissioned'

Enjoy the season through the many carols written expressly for us over the past three decades, celebrated by Philip Barnes and assistant conductor Andy Jensen.



The Composer-in-Residence
Program – Who, Why & When

Learn about the five composers who have held this special position, introduced by Philip Barnes and assistant conductor Orin Johnson, with our special guest from Sweden, Mårten Jansson.



The Intersection of
Repertoire & Architecture

Discover how a particular venue directs our choice of repertoire, and how acoustics affect how we sing, presented by Philip Barnes and historian Esley Hamilton.



Tales of the Unexpected

A conversation with choir members recalling unusual venues, memorable music, and odd collaborations – from movies to Manilow! Chaired by Philip Barnes and Mary Chapman.



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