Honoring Sarah Bryan Miller

In celebration of and appreciation for the insights and advocacy of Sarah Bryan Miller, the classical music critic of the Post-Dispatch, the Chamber Chorus has formed a consortium with several choirs to commission a new piece from the celebrated British composer, Judith Bingham. Joining the Chamber Chorus in this initiative are the choirs of St. Peter’s, Ladue; Holy Communion Episcopal Church, University City; Third Baptist, Grand Center; Temple Shaare Emeth, Creve Coeur; and Washington University. Judith will create a new arrangement of Psalm 121 which the ensembles will perform this fall at their various locations.


Bryan wrote her first review of the Chamber Chorus in the spring of 1999, marking this as her 20th year attending and reviewing its performances. Such a recognition of Bryan is long overdue; we have all been challenged by her shrewd observations and have raised our own standards to meet her very high ones. Not since Frank Peters, Jr., has the newspaper and this city enjoyed such a rigorous champion of choral music.

Mårten Jansson, SLCC Composer-in-Residence

Don't miss the chance to hear the premiere of Hope—the first piece written by Mårten Jansson in his tenure as the Chorus' Composer-In-Residence—on Sunday, May 26th at Congregation Shaare Emeth.

Mårten lives with his family in the Swedish city of Uppsala, where he was born in 1965. A graduate of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, he spent many years working with Carmen, a prominent choir for women’s voices. To this experience he attributes much of his early success, often writing for female voices. Even now he is a teacher, which he combines with a conducting and composing career; the latter has brought invitations to present at choral symposia throughout Europe, most recently in Germany and Latvia.


In 2012 Mårten was elected to the Society of Swedish Composers (FST), around the time that he began in earnest writing for mixed voices. His first efforts, for the Royal Chapel in Stockholm and various German choirs, attracted the attention and then support of Bärenreiter Edition, for whom he now writes exclusively. This distinguished publisher promotes Mårten’s works worldwide, with the result that his music is heard and recorded on both sides of the Atlantic. Following the warm reception given here to two of his earlier pieces, the Chamber Chorus commissioned from him Tonight I Dance Alone, to open our 62nd season. This piece may be heard on our website, and as a result of this positive collaboration, Mårten was invited to succeed Melissa Dunphy as our Composer-in-Residence, writing one piece per season for the Chamber Chorus starting in 2019 and serving until 2021.


It’s ironic that Mårten’s artistic creed is “my music is my own and I have never tried to be original;” for he is so often original in the way he treats familiar texts, or how he conveys universal emotions. He takes inspiration from a variety of sources, principal of which are his faith and his family. As Mårten gains even greater popularity in North America, we look forward to collaborating with him on several works as a gift not only to St. Louis, but also to the wider musical community. 


Opening of the 63rd Season
Delights Audience with Eriks Esenvalds’ On Friendship

The Chamber Chorus’ 63rd season commenced with music written by and for friends. The highlight was a commission from renowned Latvian composer, Eriks Esenvalds. Hailed as “one of Barnes’ most appealing commissions” by Sarah Bryan Miller of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the piece set to music the poem On Friendship by Khalil Gibran. It was commissioned by Alison Ferring and Nancy Kranzberg in honor of their dear friend Alice Sherwood who sang in the St. Louis Chamber Chorus for many years and is still a dedicated supporter. Enjoy excerpts from the commission, as well as an interview with Esenvalds.