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Cumulative Repertoire List

Premières List

The Saint Louis Chamber Chorus has accumulated a sizable repertoire of works performed over the years. In the link above, we have listed a cumulative list showing all works performed by the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus under the directorship of Philip Barnes, who became Artistic Director in the Fall of 1989, as well as known earlier works performed under the previous directors.


A strong tradition of the Chamber Chorus has been the introduction of music that is new to both its performers and its listeners. Throughout its history the Chorus has presented numerous World and American premières. These are noted in the repertoire list.


Our repertoire supports the contention that the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus is one of the most adventurous and energetic choirs in the United States. This list testifies to the unique contribution that the ensemble has made and continues to make to the artistic and cultural life of St. Louis and the Midwest, and it attests to the fulfillment of the Chorus’ mission: “not merely to entertain, but to educate and inspire.”


The following are a few things to note about our repertoire lists:

  • The list is arranged alphabetically by composer, containing the composer’s name, dates and nationality, and the title of each work which reflects the language used in its performance. If the composer is not known, the work is listed under “Anonymous" or under its generic type, such as “English Carol.”

  • All of the works listed were performed by mixed voices a cappella, unless indicated in the notes section by (M) (men’s voices only), (W) (women’s voices only), and/or (A) (accompanied). The Saint Louis Chamber Chorus performs almost exclusively without instruments, although in earlier years some accompanied works were performed. In every season one concert is performed by the men’s or women’s voices alone, sometimes accompanied by piano or organ.

  • An (X) in the notes section indicates that there is a correction to the music score. Corrections to typographical errors that have been found in the music scores during the planning and rehearsal of concerts are also arranged in alphabetical order by composer. This list can be found on our Score Corrections page.

  • The premieres column indicates if a piece is a World, US, or St. Louis premiere. An (S) in the notes section indicates that the piece was composed for the SLCC. The season column indicates the season number(s) when the piece was performed. 

  • Certain composers are featured in most seasons, principally Richard Rodney Bennett, Johannes Brahms, Jacob Handl, Gustav Holst, Herbert Howells, Zoltán Kodály, Sasha Johnson Manning, Felix Mendelssohn and Ralph Vaughan Williams. In addition, the Chorus has performed nearly all the contributions to the British madrigal cycle A Garland for the Queen, composed for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

  • A few works were borrowed from other institutions, but most of those listed were purchased by the Chamber Chorus and represent a significant capital investment by the Board of Directors. Please see our What We Sing & Why page for more information.


Note: Repertoire listings for the 33rd season (1988-1989) and earlier may not be complete. We would appreciate hearing from any former singers or concert attendees who might be able to supply information to help us complete these listings. Repertoire lists prior to the 23rd season are also being compiled.


For details on publishers of the music, please contact the Chamber Chorus.

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